Would you like to grow tropical plants here in the UK and create the effect of a beautiful tropical jungle in your garden? The purpose of this site is to offer advice on growing, choosing and caring for the right tropical plants and palms that will transport you to a far away place without ever leaving home!

Tropical Plants For Sale 

My T Rex! - tropical plants for saleIf you're looking for tropical plants for sale, then this is the page where I will provide a link to my own plants that I have available to buy.

Please do check this page from time to time as my available list can change from week to week especially during the growing season from around March right through to October time.

I often have Banana plants and other tropical plants for sale right through to the end of the year that I have grown through summer that are surplus to requirement and will make excellent size plants for the following season if you can over winter them somewhere frost free.

I've often obtained plants myself right at the end of the season that I can then nurture and grow on right through to early spring indoors or under glass which gives them a really good head start for the season ahead AND ensures you will have the largest possible plants for the next summer season!

Although I'm very busy with our gardening and grounds maintenance business from March to November, if you have any questions or need some advice, then contact me HERE and I'll do my best to help!

Our associate website: provide a great range of plants, especially tropicals including Palms, Canna's and Banana Plants (Banana's are usually available from around May time onward).

All plant orders are posted promptly, packaged very well and are of the highest quality and fully guaranteed.

Below are just a few links to some of the exotic and tropical plants and palms that can be supplied but this is by no means a comprehensive list. (just click on the pictures below):


        Great range of Bamboo's:              Hardy Palms:                     Fatsia Japonica:

         Bamboo      Trachycarpus Fortuneii Palm      Fatsia Japonica 

           Dicksonia Tree Fern:           Various Types of Canna's:          Musa Basjoo Banana:

         Dicksonia Antarctica Tree Fern      Canna Plants      musa basjoo banana plant